Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Struggle to Bloom

A little baby boy was born preterm with a birth weight less than 2 kg in October 2011 in a remote village in Purulia. He did not cry at birth. He was kept in the Newborn care unit at Purulia for almost 2 weeks and then discharged. When we saw him in October 2012 , he was found to be undernourished weighing barely 5 kilos, with gross hypotonia and developmental delay. The child at around 1 year of age, was unable to turn over or sit with support. 

Since then the child has been brought to our development clinic regularly, a herculean task for the parents residing at a remote corner of the district, about 100 km from our centre. With treatment and regular therapy sessions (Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, special education sessions), his nutritional status and muscle tone improved, gradually the child learnt to sit up and stand, to play effectively and communicate. 

 Presently, at 4 years of age, he can walk with little support, use both his hands, though there is a slight stiffness in his right limbs. He has good cognitive development and communication skills.

This happy little boy, Sudipto, has a very energetic and receptive mother who has helped him achieve so far.

Recently we gave Sudipto and his mother another exposure which has stimulated them a lot. He was given colours and paper and assisted to create art with his fingers. With a little guidance he did wonders and here is his creation...

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